We offer programs for children 6 weeks to Pre-Kindergarten as well as our unique Transitionclass. We created our Transition class for those children who are Kindergarten age, but would benefit from a bonus year of school.

The Climbing Tree offers best learning environment possible, our tuition includes an outstanding learning curriculum as well as many additional enrichment opportunities .

tuition includes

Every Day

outstanding Curriculum

At TCT we are committed to providing excellence in early childhood education by providing a framework for best practice. This framework is grounded in the research on how young children develop and learn.  Our program is designed to promote optimal learning and development. Our teachers will meet your child where they are (by stage of development), both as individuals and as part of a group; and helping each child meet challenging and achievable learning goals.

Infants, Toddlers, & 2’s = Wee Learn Curriculum (Christian-based thematic curriculum)

 3’s = Wee Learn, Count on Math, ABCs, Handwriting Without Tears

 4’s = Wee Learn, Count on Math, ABCs, Handwriting Without Tears II

Transition =  Wee Learn, ABCs, Handwriting Without Tears III, Abeka phonics & reading, Count on Math & ACSI Kindergarten Math.

Hot Lunches and Snacks

Planned and prepared by the Nutrition Coordinator.  For children with food allergies, suitable substitutions are available. Monthly menus are published on our Parent's page

Outdoor Play Areas

Includes five playground areas,  a planting garden, a nature trail, and a courtyard. These areas provide opportunities for fun and stimulating playtime and exploration.

Internet Cameras

Allows parents to monitor their child’s progress while at home or work.


Spanish Instruction

Teaches children basic Spanish words and sentences through exciting play and song.

Music and Movement

Helps children to develop skills such as balance, coordination, rhythm, sportsmanship, listening, and general gross motor development. Classes are held in the church gym and are led by a team from FunPack.

Yoga Class

Teaches children proper and effective breathing techniques, balance, stretching and strengthening in a manner that is fun and engaging.

Chapel Time

Provides an interactive and energy filled time to teach the children about God and His love for each of us. Held in the church and led by Christ Church ministry staff.

special Enrichment Events

 We offer many enrichment activities during the year. Please view our calendar (located our parent's page) for upcoming events.

hours of operation

Mon - Fri:  6:30am - 6:15pm

class ratio max
Infants 1 to 3.5    7
Crawlers 1 to 4    8
Wobblers 1 to 5   10
Toddlers 1 to 5.5   11
Twos 1 to 6   12
Threes 1 to 8   16
Fours 1 to 9   18